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  • The Xtar Queen Ant MC6 immagini
  • The Xtar Queen Ant MC6 immagini
  • The Xtar Queen Ant MC6 immagini
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The Xtar Queen Ant MC6

Codice: xtmc6

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Product details

The Xtar Queen Ant MC6 is the first USB Li-Ion battery charger with 6 charging slots.

The power is supplied with up to 2 USB connections at the same time, providing 2 * 1A + 4 * 0,5A (or 4 * 1A) charging current for fast and secure charging of up to 6 lithium-ion batteries simultaneously. Operation with only one USB connection allows charging with either 2 * 1A or 4 * 0.5A.

The power supply via USB is ideal for the operation of the charger at USB power supplies, USB hubs, solar panels or cell phone chargers. The dynamic adjustment of the charging current reduces the charging currents according to the current available power of your power supply.

The following Li-Ion battery types can be loaded with the Xtar Queen Ant MC6 charger:

10440/14500/14650/16340/ 16650/17500/17650/17670/18350/18490/18500/18650/18700/26500/26650/32650 
as LiIon batteries IMR, INR & ICR (nominal 3.6V-3.7V) to 4.20V

Xtar Queen Ant MC6 Product Information:

  • 6 independent loading shafts, including 2 extra wide shafts up to 32650
  • Own LCD display for each shaft with indication of charging current and charging beam
  • Repair function of deep discharge batteries
  • Optimization of battery life by accurate scheduling and efficient charging and overcharge protection
  • Power supply via 2 USB inputs with dynamic adjustment of the charging current
  • Low heat generation, temperature monitoring
  • Short circuit & polarity protection, flame retardant housing
  • 1 year manufacturing guarantee
  • FCC, CE RoHS certified



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Categoria: Carica Batterie BB

Marca: Xtar

Codice Prodotto (SKU): xtmc6