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magnete superiore tasto compatibile con Comp Lyfe 
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magnete inferiore per tasto compatibile con : comp lyfe, purge, av 
4,50 €
Full size, military grade tactical backpack Multiple pockets for ultimate storage Waist strap Inner pockets and elastic straps for storage Red sawblade logo patch included, other patch...
69,99 €
88,80 €
This cap reflects not only high quality and aesthetic, but functionality for the cloud chaser. Offers the same properties that the regular glass caps has but with an even more generous airflow. It...
29 €
The Comp Lyfe Battle Cap S 24 is made to be used with the Battle Deck 24. Un-Etched All Battle Caps are manufactured in an ISO certified medical grade facility with ISO...
69,99 €
Freedom Deck - Silver 2 Post deck with conventional post holes + top and side plate for building (22mm). Compatible with new 24mm CL caps.
100 €
Short Throw Silver Contact  to reduce throw by about 50%. 
59,99 €


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